Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Toy Story 3

This is a summery of Toy Story 3.

Any was a young boy who loved playing with his toys. Sally and her trusted horse was the best cowgirls in the west. Three aliens from the claw. A slinky dog who has a pretend force field. A dinosaur who is quite a dork. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head who have detachable bodies. A piggy bank who keeps your money safe. Barbie a barbie :(P Buzz Lightyear who is a space man and last but not least, Woody the sheriff.
When the years past Any grew up and was going to collage. Woody tried one last time to get any to play with him but it was a falurie. Any had to put his toys in the attic, trash or to collage. Any put all his toys but one in a bag and woody to collage. The bag was sopose to go to collage but it went into the trash. Luckle Woody and his friends snuck into sunny side camp. At first Woody freinds were happy to be with the purple bear but when the todleres played with them the wanted to escape. Barbie fell in L_ _ _ :(P with another boy doll and all the toys who were nice had a masty suprised.

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