Monday, June 28, 2010

Hola I am blogging about a book about Mexico Aztec and Catholic.

  • Most Mexicans are Catholic others still practice the first beliefs.
  • There were many religions in Mexico before Spanish brought Christianity.
  • They believed in several "gods"
  • Aztecs was the best known religion at the time.
  • Aztecs were the most powerful at the time.
  • One of their "gods" were Huitzilopitchli "god" of the sun.
  • Catholicism is practiced by most Mexicans.
  • Brought to Mixico in the 16th centery.
  • Brought by spain.
  • Spain wanted to convert paple to christians.

Well thats all Adiosie.

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  1. Why did the Spaniards want to convert the Mexicans??