Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today I just watched a movie about Megaman. Megaman is an Internet hero. His best friend is Ann who is in the real world. Plug up your P.E.T and you can see your hero.

Just three days ago I went to a gaming convention I saw Super Smash Bro. Brawl, a ton of board games like Mysterious Tower and The Settlers of Cotan. There were swords and shields grid paper and you can paint a model for free. There was these battle pod thingies were it was a virtual world. I didn't know how to move until the end of the the 7 minute battle. My dad worked as head of sucurity but He was so busy I didn't see him a lot.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Toy Story 3

This is a summery of Toy Story 3.

Any was a young boy who loved playing with his toys. Sally and her trusted horse was the best cowgirls in the west. Three aliens from the claw. A slinky dog who has a pretend force field. A dinosaur who is quite a dork. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head who have detachable bodies. A piggy bank who keeps your money safe. Barbie a barbie :(P Buzz Lightyear who is a space man and last but not least, Woody the sheriff.
When the years past Any grew up and was going to collage. Woody tried one last time to get any to play with him but it was a falurie. Any had to put his toys in the attic, trash or to collage. Any put all his toys but one in a bag and woody to collage. The bag was sopose to go to collage but it went into the trash. Luckle Woody and his friends snuck into sunny side camp. At first Woody freinds were happy to be with the purple bear but when the todleres played with them the wanted to escape. Barbie fell in L_ _ _ :(P with another boy doll and all the toys who were nice had a masty suprised.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Hola I am blogging about a book about Mexico Aztec and Catholic.

  • Most Mexicans are Catholic others still practice the first beliefs.
  • There were many religions in Mexico before Spanish brought Christianity.
  • They believed in several "gods"
  • Aztecs was the best known religion at the time.
  • Aztecs were the most powerful at the time.
  • One of their "gods" were Huitzilopitchli "god" of the sun.
  • Catholicism is practiced by most Mexicans.
  • Brought to Mixico in the 16th centery.
  • Brought by spain.
  • Spain wanted to convert paple to christians.

Well thats all Adiosie.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Last week me and my brother was at my grandparents' house. We were there for summer staycation (were you stay in your home town). We were suppose to stay there all week but we want to go to the gaming convention were my dad is volunteering. He is head of the security which I am very proud of. Anyway back to my 4 day stacation with my grandparents. The first hing I did when we got there was play on a DS and watch T.V which only my grandparents have. My brother watch cloudy with a chance of meatballs.

The second day we went to the air force musame B0. We aculy were able to go into a plane! And you know those insanly hard games like trying to land a plane, I won uno! On the third day I went to an arcade. You know those drop a quarter in a slot and try to win more quarters. The are not jiped !! On the last day we saw toy story 3. If you haven't seen it see it. Thus ends my staycation. O

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Last night I had a dream. I dreamed that it was the last day of school. I went to Megan's house for some reason.While I was at Megan's house a man told us to get our friends to go to Disney Land.I chose Matthew, Ben, Zach and Parker. I do not know who Megan chose. We went into a huge black van. Inside it was kinda like a bus. Matthew sat with Ben and Parker sat with Zach. I sat alone which I thought was unfair since I invited theme. One of Megan's friends went to me and stretched her legs on me. We finally went to a break point and we went in a house. It most have Ben a house Megan knew because her grandparents called on the house phone and told all of us to come back to her house. We went to her house and there was two ugly and fat grandparents (If Megan is reading this by any chance don't take this in any affence sense it is a dream). They told us to do a ton of chores. Then her grandparents said that her mom didn't want her any more sense you were to hard to handle. While she was saying that and I was listening Mathew, Ben, Parker and Zach went into the van and left without me. Just before Megan could cry the phone rang so Megan's grand father answered it. It was Megan's mom and she said she want her child right now so apparently Megan's grandparents lied. She picked us up and started to catch up with the rest of the people. We finally caught up and we went in the place they were staying. I thought Matthew would be surprise to see me but he said he wasn't. I tried to go up on the roof were every one else was but Matthew wouldn't let me. Then they left without me again. I had to go to Disney Land with Megan's mom. We finally were there so we ate dinner there. We got an Allen school tray, peas which I hate and Potato casserole and why we went here--chocolate and strawberry milk. We rested and then went home.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My First Blog

Hooray! Hooray! This is a special day! My very fist blog is made June 15 2010. I have just finished ooey gooey science, program were you create slime. This time I made diaper slug by riping a diaper and putting the sand like substance into the bag. I added water to the substance and it expanded, therefore making Diaper Slug.

I am a 11 year old boy who likes to eat asparagus with onion, ranchdressing, and tiny bits of bacon. Mmmmm Mmmmm!☺ I have a twin brother who drives me up against the wall, a crazy mom who drives me up to Pluto which is a planet, a dad who has an issue about screaming at the TV if he is losing at Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and a Chelsey who camps in her room-- no other information is known.