Thursday, July 21, 2011

I had a dream that me and my bro.were these robots that look sorta like ninja blobs but rally cool.There were about 6 differnt robots there as well. We were all programed with diferent artifical inttelegence and just this much "=" of real intelegence.We were training at a barn and Matthew thruogh a couple insaults at me like "your week" and "I am going to win." The next day We were at a battle in yoctange park. i don't know what for but i used a little bit of I like in AI but minuse the A. Some real big brute/jerk won and teased me somemore like my brother did but it wasn't him. The next day was the turnement and In the loker room everyone was playing a computer game. One person was taking up two chairs so I asked him to move and so he did. and these computers was were really high teck with lots of programs, but i went to Google and googled up,"Fight ting taticks. Then the same jerk who won at the park picked me up with one hand and asked why I was doing such a stuiped thing, because I was using AI minuse the A and it was just plain weird for the other robots. It was then time to go to locker room and so I did and found a bouncy ball. I hit it and some other robot, with the personality of a girl, hit it to. Just when the fighting begien I went totally off topic in my dream and had to restart. I wook up pretty soon afterwords. I wonder what my dreame really meens?