Monday, June 13, 2011

Today I had a dream. I dreamed I was on a game site, and I saw a post on it that said, “Is someone watching me, because someone is coping EVERYTHING I have!? Then I was like screw it and I got of my computer and took a bath. When I was in the bath I saw a corn snake. I grabbed it by its tail and screamed for help but my brother, was playing a game in the basement.
One day I also had a strange dream. I was four, maybe five and I had a dream that orange zombies were chasing me. I ran downstairs in order to escape but they were down there too. I banged my head on the stairs three times to wake up. At my age it was scary, but if I had that dream right now, I would probably dream up a shotgun of some sort.
A different day at the same age I dreamed I was a pirate. I got caught by other pirates by a log slowly filling with water. I escaped in the nick of time. That is all for today and peace out. Lol

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