Saturday, July 17, 2010

The pizha (Pie zsha) is a plant that has 3 key actions. A pizha can grow by taking all of the fruit salses (apple salse, pear juice, ect) and absorb it. It expands it territory by exploding into 100,000,000 pices and where there is a pice there is a pizha.

Pizhas are a plant that can grow all over the world. The source is Mt. Pizha. Mt. Pizha is not really a mountain. Mt. Pizha is well... a pizha (Who knew-_-)! Inorge him. Every one can take a bite but Mt. Pizha wanes smaller an smaller.

A pizha has 3 main parts, the crust the mantle and the core. I will get bac to you asaihmi (as soon as I have more info.)

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  1. Can you spell better so that I can tell what you are trying to say?